‘Purpose of Anger’– A Workshop in Houston, TX

On Friday,December 18th 2015, 2015,  15 people assembled at the New Life Plaza in Houston, TX  to gain better understanding  on one of the most fundamental yet one of the most complicated and potentially harmful emotion – anger. The interactive 2 hour workshop was led by Mr.M.K Ramanujam from Love to Share Foundation. He  explained how or what causes anger, how people express it (the aggressive stance shouting, arguing, throwing things or the passive aggressive stance- “silent treatment”) and what the effects of anger are on the individual as well as on people around him.

 He then gave a four step process on how to be mindful when one got angry. The four step are Observe, Feel, Need and Request (OFNR). The first step – Observe, involves taking a step back and analyzing the situation and trying to separate the event from the underlying cause that triggered the anger. The second step – Feel, is to understand the feelings(fear, hurt, pain.etc) that are coursing through oneself. The third step – Need, is to recognize the underlying unmet need that is getting projected as anger. The final step – Request, is to know how to place a polite request based on the observation, feelings and need combined with an actionable item and not a demand to the other person.

The interactive workshop was very well received by everyone.



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