‘Benefits of Mindful Mediation for Busy Professionals’ – at MD Anderson

The Benefits of Mindful Mediation for Busy Professionals – a mantra meditation workshop for the faculty and Staff of MD Anderson Cancer Center was held on Nov 13, 2014 at the Pickens Tower. Mr. M. K. Ramanujam, Lead Speaker and Trainer of Love to Share Foundation America was invited by MD Anderson’s Faculty and Well Being Department Director – Dr. Warren Holleman, for a one day event of leading the meditation workshop.
The event was attended by over 50 physicians, physicists, pharmacists, therapists, faculty and other staff members. Mr. M. K Ramanujam was introduced by– Dr. Radha Arunkumar, Associate professor, Department Anesthesiology. Mr. Ram instantly struck a chord with the audience who were captured by his lively cadence, simple language and the striking examples he used from everyday life. With a passion to help people rise above the mundane and a deep understanding of mind matters, Mr. Ram led the audience into the complex process of meditation with seeming ease. He navigated them through the states of meditation, preparatory process and significance of using a‘mantra’, finally leading up to 10 minutes of wholesome and crisp ‘Mantra Meditation’.
This is what Katrina Wright, (Project Director, Academic Affairs) had to say about the session: “It was certainly a pleasure and a breath of fresh air! It was nice to experience mantra meditation and I’m sure everyone who attended loved it. Thanks for including us and we hope to work together again!”

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