Body Mind and Soul Retreat in Houston

Love to Share Foundation America conducted its first of a kind -Body Mind and Soul retreat away from the maddening crowd in the serene ambience of Brazos Bend National State Park on Sunday, January 21, 2018. The event started with an hour of silent walk introspecting on the inattentive nature of the mind, followed by an hour of yoga for physical well-being. This was followed by Reality Retreat – divine name meditation in the rustic surroundings of the amphitheater of the park. Harmonious lunch was served to all the attendees and the event ended with a reassuring discussion on mental health. By the divine grace of Sri Swamiji – 57 registrants immersed themselves in the journey of happiness. Young children also enjoyed the natural park with fun events and games. Due to popular demand Love to Share Foundation America will be hosting another retreat in the presence of Sri Poornimaji within a few weeks, please stay tuned for further updates.
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