Cultural Fanfare at Houston

In keeping with its objective of promoting and protecting various cultural art forms, Love to Share Foundation organized a week-long dance festival from December 21-27th 2014, at the Meenakshi Temple in Houston, in conjunction with the ‘Madhura Utsav’ event hosted by Global Org. for Divnity.

Leading dance artists from India practicing different dance forms  like Kuchipudi, Odissi, Bharatanatyam, etc. were invited to perform with their students  Students of Ms. Sravanthi Modali (Kuchipudi), Ms. Rathna Kumar (Bharatanatyam), Ms. Supradipta Datta (Odissi), Ms. Indrani Parthasarathy (Bharatanatyam) and Ms. Padmini Chari and Ms. Surabi Veeraragavan (Bharatanatyam) displayed their respective dance forms for melodious music, which enthralled the audience.  On one day, a “Street Play” was also staged by the youth.  Around 45 little children enacted episodes from an ancient Indian Text called Bhagavatam, underlining values that are core to our being like faith, compassion, charity, gratitude, mutual respect and love.  The event was also performed as a fundraiser for the various projects of the Foundation.

As a token of thanksgiving, food was served to all the participants and audience on all seven days.


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