First Body, Mind and Soul Event in Dallas by Mr. M.K. Ramanujam

Love to share foundation chapter had its first Body, Mind & Soul Retreat on April 28th in the presence of Mr. M.K. Ramanujam at One Eleven Ranch Park in Garland, TX.

The participants were given a warm welcome and a brief note on what to expect in the retreat, by Sriram ji from Houston. The day and place were beautiful, apt to begin the retreat; with birds chirping and greenery all around under the early morning sun rise. The first session was Yoga, led by Smt Priya Mahesh. She guided everyone with Sun Salutation – mantra & stretches and breathing techniques. Next in line, was a Silent-Walk session. Sriram ji guided everyone through this session. Following this, was the Reality retreat -Meditation session led by Sriram ji. Then came the most awaited session of Sri Ramanujam ji’s – “Vital Conversations”. He addressed the participants with more insight on the overall retreat and encouraged everyone to practice it consistently and spoke about the actual happiness and calmness we gain by practicing it regularly.

Around 20 – 25 participants from different walks of life took part in the retreat. The participants enjoyed the retreat very much and shared their individual experience on each session at the end. They also showed their interest in taking part in the upcoming sessions. A satvik lunch was served to all.


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