Harmony in Communcation Worskshop in CA Bay Area

Mr.M.K.Ramanujam conducted a workshop for adults on “Harmony in Communication” on Sunday October 6th 2013 at the Tully Community Room in San Jose. 14 people attended the workshop and the workshop was very well received by everyone.

The theme of the workshop was on Harmony in Communication. Mr. M.K. Ramanujam began the workshop with a beautiful explanation on harmony and its existence in nature. He gave various examples of interplay of contrasting characteristics and their harmonious existence.

The main theme centered on harmony in relationships. Mr. Ramanujam explained about four filters that one has to apply in order to express oneself in a relationship. They are observe, feel, need, request shortly called O,F,N,R. By applying these filters, it is possible to get one’s needs met while respecting others. Generally discord in communication arises due to the following reasons: moral judgment of others actions, making comparisons, denial of responsibility and communicating desires as demands. Mr. Ramanujam went about explaining in detail about each of these elements which cause discord during communication and how they can be handled.

Making an observation not an evaluation, Sensing the feeling and distinguish it from thoughts, identifying the need and making a positive request – these were dealt in detail.

Mr. Ramanujam also discussed briefly about anger management using the above four filters. An interesting perspective he put forth was that anger is not bad; it is not to be suppressed.

The workshop involved many activities and examples to understand the four filters and how to apply them in personal as well as professional relationships. Overall, it was 5 hours well spent in understanding how to communicate one’s needs effectively without hurting others.







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