Some Indian Approaches to Meditation with a session on Mantra Meditation at M D Anderson Cancer Center

On  Thursday December  17 2015, at the Main Hospital Building of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Mr. Ramanujam – Lead Speaker of LTSFA, led a meditation session addressing a distinguished and diverse group of Head of Departments, Oncologists, Radiologists, General Physicians, Pharmacists, and Researchers along with personnel from Administration and the Department of Finance. Mr. Ramanujam seamlessly took them through the ancient time – proven Indian approaches to meditation. His vivid examples of de-cluttering the mind gave a clear understanding of the meaning and utility of meditation. This was followed by an interactive session on Mantra Meditation, where over 65 professionals chanted the ‘Mahamantra’ in unison for 5 – 10 min. The participants later spent some time with Mr. Ramanujam, getting their questions answered and expressing their gratitude for giving them a unique insight into meditation. Beguiled by his deep understanding of the subject and the downright clarity of the presentation that spoke volumes of Mr. Ramanujam’s own experience, M D Anderson has invited him to conduct more frequent sessions in the coming years. Love to Share Foundation America expresses special thanks to Dr. Warren Holleman and Katrina Wright with the M D Anderson Cancer Center’s Department of Faculty Health for arranging this exclusive session for the second year in a row.


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