Interfaith Harmony Meet

Dear Healthcare Workers and First Responders,

You have been selflessly fighting at the forefront of this unrelenting pandemic, setting aside your own safety for the love and care of others. We salute your noble decision and sincerely pray for your personal welfare.

Humanity and Divinity are inseparable! A humane person is truly divine, and a divine person cannot but be humane. Humanity is nourished and strengthened by Divinity within and without; a divinity that is universal and common to all of us, without any difference, just like your grand humanitarian service sees no distinction between people of different faiths or races.

We are conducting an Interfaith Prayer on Sunday, May 17th at 10 AM CDT, praying for that universal divinity within all of us to strengthen us physically, emotionally and spiritually to continue our selfless journey with renewed vigor.

*We earnestly invite you to attend the prayer, which will be held online via Zoom.

Looking forward to having you join us.

Sincerely yours,
Love To Share Foundation America