Transformation Leadership Workshop by Mr. M.K. Ramanujam

On October 11th 2012, Mr. M.K. Ramanujam conducted a Transformational Leadership workshop for corporate level participants from various organizations. The event was conducted at the Gayton Library, Tuckahoe, Virginia. Mr. Ram beautifully explained the difference between a leader and a manager, what it takes to be a leader, what a leader does differently than a manager, how a leader sets up paths, lives by that concept and guides others to follow. Finally Mr. Ram explained how someone can transform his/her thoughts to become a successful leader by focusing on ‘What can we do now’ policy. The lecture was very well received by the attendees. The session was followed by a question & answer session and the 30 people who attended went out with a sense of satisfaction and drive towards transforming themselves, to make their workplaces better places to work.