Workshop on ‘Harmonious Communication for Effective Conflict Management’ at Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Berkeley CA

As part of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s(LBNL) Scientific Networking Division’s(ESnet) effort to create inclusive workplaces, the division invited Mr M K Ramanujam to conduct a 2 hour workshop on “Harmonious Communication for Effective Conflict Management” on December 10, 2015. LBNL is a national research facility based in Berkeley, CA and funded by U.S. Department of Energy. ESnet is a program funded by the Department of Energy to operate a high speed network to connect various research facilities in US and Europe.

The purpose of the workshop was to understand how conflicts arise and how to resolve them effectively such that no lasting scars are left behind. Mr M K Ramanujam covered the following topics:

Why conflicts arise?

  • Difference between acceptance vs resignation

  • How to filter the signal and leave out noise in any verbal communication

  • Identifying the underlying need in a request

  • How to frame acceptable requests.

The workshop was attended by 35 employees from diverse backgrounds and was video streamed as well to remote participants. The workshop was concluded with two teams of volunteers applying the concepts to resolve an imaginary workplace conflict. Overall, the attendees found the workshop extremely valuable.


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