Youth Leadership Workshop in Dallas-Fortworth

Nov 23, 2013: The weather was gloomy, cold and shivering, perfect to cuddle in bed and spend the holiday weekend, but it was not the case for our enthusiastic 35 some families, who braved the bad road conditions to be bright and early to the Youth Leadership workshop, held at Harrington Public library, Plano, conducted by Mr. Ramanujam, fondly called Ram, who had come from India.

The workshop saw participants from last year who couldn’t wait to get started were thrilled to be there, while the new participants seemed enthusiastic and excited to see what was in store for them. Generally, parents dread the teenage years of their children, while it’s impossible to get even a nod from them, let alone make them open their mouths as well as hearts. Ram, here, on the contrary, knew exactly how to make the wandering minds focus and made them feel comfortable and participate. The participants readily took part in many discussions and expressed their thoughts and ideas. When young minds are inspired abundantly, one can expect wonders, which was witnessed by a panel of experts who were there to judge the impromptu skits, role-playing performed by the participants. Volunteers Mrs. Aparna, Mrs. Kamakshi and Mr. Sankar from the corporate world were pleasantly surprised to see the tremendous potential displayed by the young leaders in making.

Ram emphasized on principles that define a leader, like Priority Versus Importance, effective communication and the ability to follow O(Observation), F (Feelings), N (Needs), R (Request) in day to day life to bring the inner leader in each child.

Though the participants were busy enriching their minds, their growing bodies needed nourishment too; and the volunteers served the participants with lunch, snacks, and beverages after which the participants continued to absorb the lessons which are going to be with them for life and make them not only successful leaders but fine human beings.











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