Youth Leadership Workshop at Richmond, VA

Sunday Oct 13th – 10 am – 3pm

Love to Share Foundation of America invited Mr. MK Ramanujam (Ram) to conduct the Youth Leadership Workshop for teenagers in the Virginia. 29 young aspirants attended the workshop from 10 am to 3 pm on Sunday, Oct 13th and gained a useful life skill to empower them to stand out amongst the rest of the crowd.

Mr. Ram’s unique way of connecting with the young minds resonated beautifully with the teens in attendance. The morning started off with some introductions, followed by the first module that dealt with principles and precepts of Leadership, the first of which was all about ‘emptying the cup’, a.k.a keeping an open mind and listening. The mirror principle and many other tips and anecdotes from Mr. Ram’s wide experience made it for a very enjoyable session. 6 teams then performed a wonderful debate on “Influence vs. Respect vs. Strictness” as the key qualities of a good leader. A young high school senior was a lone candidate on the Strictness, debated and gained 8 followers out which includes his opponent debater from Influence team. Ram lauded this student on his efforts of convincing the group as well as his opponent and clearly showed this act is actually called influencing.



The second session was on “Acceptance”, and “Responsibility”, that opened the bright young minds to a totally new way of dealing with problem solving. That was followed by a group activity that the children came up with to share their learning.



The post lunch session was on Time Management that particularly focused on how leaders think and manage their valuable time to best optimize their workload.

Finally, the young leaders each took turns to share their pledge for changes they’d put forth and practice in the coming weeks to better their lives and become wonderful leaders of the next generation.

Youth Leadership Workshop in Richmond


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