Heritage Camps

‘Love to Share Foundation America’ offers Heritage Camps for children across the United States and other countries all over the world.  These camps have been designed to help participants improve knowledge and cultural awareness by creating a fun-filled learning and team-focused environment in a relaxed retreat setting where children are introduced to global cultures.

True to our vision, we have created this camp to provide exposure to children in diverse topics encompassing culture, tradition and heritage. through classical music, dance, traditional handicrafts and culinary activities. In addition, we have also crafted educational programs that promote understanding of world festivals and ecosystem as well as wellness activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi. We often incorporate a trip to a children’s museum or other enriching field trips to leave the kids with fond, lasting memories of the camp.

These camps are the result of countless hours of labor of our dedicated counselors who have taken great care to ensure that the children have the best experience. In addition, our sponsors have generously supported this initiative with great enthusiasm and trust.

In accordance to our mission, some of the proceeds from these camps will be donated to various non-profit activities here and in India.


The Dancing Peacock Puppet Company was started in Seattle, WA by a bunch of passionate puppeteers  with a mission to provide a culturally enriching and fun environment where children are exposed to the fine art of story-telling through the puppetry medium.  Our main aim is to keep the art of puppetry alive while raising funds for a completely non-profit and charitable cause.

Host a puppet show comprising a group of artists focusing on telling stories from the Indian epics and folk tales through the use of wooden puppets that are dressed in bright colors. Wonderful props and backgrounds accentuate the show that is accompanied by melodious music in between scenes. The shows can be customized for the occasion be it birthday parties, festivals or other events.


Kolam, also known as Rangoli, is a form of sand painting done by Indian women every morning with rice flour, and is an integral part of Indian tradition. They are decorative designs on floors of living rooms and courtyards and are meant as sacred welcoming area for the deities. The use of coarse rice is said to invite ants, birds and other small critters to eat, thus inviting other beings into one’s home and everyday life: a daily tribute to harmonious co-existence.

Our mission is to preserve, practice and share the ancient Indian art of Kolam with the broader community. A group of artists who specialize in this fine art, offer professional Kolam/Rangoli services for residential functions, weddings, festivals, dance recitals and other events while raising funds for non-profit and charitable causes.

Classical Arts

Periodically, Love to Share Foundation America organizes Classical Arts Concerts and Exhibitions to promote talented artists as well as to raise funds to further our Community oriented campaigns.