L2S Coding Club

Tech Queens Mission:

Promote Math, Computer Science, Engineering skill set development, offer leadership training and mentoring for girls in Middle and High school, and aid in closing gender gap in STEM careers.

Tech Queens-What we do:

*Hands-on coaching in classroom and virtual sessions on STEM subjects for Middle and High School girls of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds to deepen their interest in computer-science careers

* Promote and build critical Thinking skills to address and solve problems in their environment

* Practical examples of leveraging state of art IT software development techniques to create innovative software products and foster innovation in their young minds

* Computer Coding Skillset development & training across multiple programming languages

* Exposure to Cyber-Security Technologies, Threat Vectors, and foundational approaches

* Advanced Math problem solving, Algebra, Geometry, Science, and Computational Techniques

* Leadership classes and coaching to develop core corporate skillsets early in their lives especially for girls of color

* Mentoring and networking with peers, Use of Alumni in College as Role Models

* Face to Face interactions, Coaching, and Counselling with Volunteer Teachers (advanced degrees such as PhD, Masters in Engineering & Computers) to retain interest in STEM careers.