• Chennai Flood Relief

    Online donations for the Chennai Flood Relief is now closed.

    Thank you for your tremendous support in garnering support for those hit by the floods in Chennai and other neighboring areas earlier this month.  LoveToShare Foundation recognizes the contribution you have made either by donation on the website or through our volunteers in the individual cities.  Kindly accept our deepest gratitude for the same.

    Your contributions are being reached to the affected members.  We hereby assure you that every dollar that has been contributed to you shall be utilize to rehabilitate  the affected.

  • Ms. Poornima visits the United States

     Poornima Kumarasami (Poornima), an insightful instructor and an excellent trainer, will be in the United States from March through June 2016.

    During her trip to the US, Poornima will be conducting workshops and seminars for women empowering, youth and adults at various locations across the country
    Click here for her detailed profile
    Poornima's- USA Travel Itinerary 2016