Humanity and Divinity are Inseparable


Life and Soul Health Fair

Annual Health Fair in Houston and Dallas empowering the community with free screenings, vaccinations, and health education.

Body Mind and Soul Retreat

Weekly 'Reality Retreat' Meditation, Exercise Yoga and 'Walk with a Doc' sessions for the physical and emotional well being. Periodic 'Body Mind and Soul' Retreats in scenic locales.

Giving Program          

Food, Clothes, Toys, Medical/Educational supplies and other such drives benefiting the community.  Tree planting and Clean-up drives for the environment


Happiness at Work      

Helping harmonize the work-life circle at corporates, hospitals, universities and other institutions.

Youth Leadership       

Inspiring young minds to become aspiring leaders.

Compassionate Communication

Enabling empathy and effective communication


Cultural Arts Presentations

Promoting classical arts, cultural collaborations, and
harmony through music, dance, theater and folk

Heritage Camps          

Providing opportunities for global cultural experiences

Arts Education                   

Ethnic arts clubs and classes for both performing and visual arts.