Chicago Youth Leadership Workshop


On Nov 10th 2012, Love to Share Foundation  organized a Youth leadership Workshop for kids aged 12-19  in the Chicago land area.  The Workshop was conducted by Mr. Ramanujam at the Naperville Public Library. 15 young leadership aspirants attended the program.

The six hour workshop focused on Responsibility, Acceptance, Priority Management, Openness and Time Management concepts for young leaders.  Mr Ramanujam covered the concepts across 4 interactive sessions.  The kids were divided into 4 groups.  At the end of every session each group had to perform an activity related to the concept covered in the session.  A panel of 3 members graded the performance of each group.  At the conclusion of the Workshop the best group was identified and rewarded.

Each participant beautifully summarized on their learnings from the workshop. They left home with a promise to work on two aspects which would take them towards the goal of becoming a successful leader.