Dallas – Inner Transformation Workshop

‘The Joy of Sharing’, Inner Transformation & Leadership Workshop, was held at the William Cozby Library at Coppell, TX, the first of its kind conducted by Mr. MK Ramanujam (Ram) for the residents of the Dallas Forthworth Metroplex area. The Workshop began around 10:30 am and was attended by nearly 30 people, from different walks of life but with one main theme for the day, inner transformation.
The Workshop was very informative, practical and unbiased and could be related by one and all that were present there. Mr. Ram provided several invaluable lessons and pointers for self-improvement. It was an interactive and fun-filled session that was well received by the attendees. They also participated enthusiastically in role playing and skit performances to demonstrate the ideals and re-emphasize the message conveyed to them.
Mr Ram, being the spiritual and insightful instructor he is, communicated effortlessly the significance of inner excellence, gratitude and compassion using mind power. Those who were fortunate to attend this one of a kind workshop did leave as a transformed person for the betterment of themselves, their families and those around them.