Dallas Youth Leadership Workshop – Dec 1st 2012

Life & Soul Health Fair 2012 – Grand Success!

Youth workshop conducted by Mr. Ramanujam at Harrington Library Hall, Plano,TX on Dec 1st 2012 commenced at 10.30 am. The workshop was received with great enthusiasm as word of Mr.Ramanujan spread through many spiritual discourses and Adult workshops alike. Parents who witnessed Mr.Ramanujam’s life transforming speeches, made last minute registration so that their children could bequeath the knowledge. The library Hall was filled with 45 young adults who were ranging from 12- 15 years, the prime age which determines our future character and was going to be shaped by one of the great Leader. Children assembled promptly before 10.30AM, thanks to the most involved parents and the workshop started, children were little hesitant in the beginning as they didn’t know what to expect. As our beloved Mr. Ramanujam started laying out the topics they were going to discuss and the activities that they had planned children slowly started settling down. Within short span of time our future leaders proved themselves, actively participating in debates, role-playing, enacting little skits and performances. Their knowledge on current affairs, history and out of the box ideas made the workshop very interactive. When we are having this much fun, time just flies, it was time for lunch, some children didn’t want a break they wanted more. Children were served with warm Pizza, chips and juice and they were kind enough to assemble for a photo-shoot, even volunteers didn’t miss this great opportunity to get in the same shot as these young promising leaders and beloved Mr.Ramanujam. During the course of the discussions, Mr.Ramanujam tested their level of understanding and participation, and the children surpassed even his expectations. The workshop came to an end and the children received a wealth of knowledge that’s going to transform their lives along with a certificate that will remind them of this event.